Monday, July 06, 2015

TV and the Granny Square Afghan

This is a really good article about the Granny Square Afghan and it's presence in TV shows - read this now. If you are a crocheter (or a TV Sitcom watcher), I am sure you will enjoy it.

Although I like the black border on many of them, I do really like the fresh springy look when a white border and bright colours are used. Just google the words "granny square afghan" and you will see that literally thousands of variations have been done. The blanket has been made by many crocheters across the world of 40+ years.

There are two other styles of aghans that I really like. One, I guess, could be considered a variation of the granny square. It is called the Babette. I love it because of the large and small squares and the way the colours are exchanged from one square to another. If I was going to make an afghan, I think I would start with the Babette. Here's just one example of one still in the process. This is probably about 1/4 of a full blanket.

The second style I like, currently flying off people's hooks right now, is the 'graphghan". This is where an image is charted out and then the whole afghan is crocheted like a large pixelated image. Again, you have to google it to see the incredible pool of talent and variations that have been done - everything from Walter White of Breaking Bad, to Disney princesses, sports team and college logos, to images of pets or family members. Computer programs and/or apps can help you create your own personalized images and some will even chart out the colours you need.

Of course there are many, many other styles of afghans done including Tree of Life, Ripple  and the list goes on. Did you have one in your house? Or do you currently have one? What's your favourite TV afghan? 

(all photos courtesy of the web, for demonstration purposes only)

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Face Palm Moment

<--A friend gave me this hummingbird feeder*

The box said it was ant proof which I liked because I am currently in the middle of a turf war with a bunch thug carpenter ants.  I read the instructions, I fil it up and hang it in a tree where I hope hummingbirds can find it.

A couple days later I go and check on it, and there are no ants inside but a bunch of dead earwigs. (Side note - I hate earwigs - so gross looking. What is their purpose in the food chain? Who eats them??? )

Any hoodles - so today I had some time to kill while I waited for train that was blocking the road and popped into a Birding store. I tell the lady that I had this ant-free hummingbird feeder and that it has earwigs in it. She asks me if I fill up the centre moat compartment with water. Um-no.   - "Well there's your problem" (a la Adam Savage of Mythbusters)

*(not my photo)

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Almost Christmas (yup I said it)

Ha! As many of us in Western Canada are going through a heat wave, and thinking about swimming pools, lakes, boats, mojitos and sunscreen, I am thinking about Christmas.

Why you ask?

Well I have a little shop - check out the pictures and the link on the right side of the page --------->

Last year I knit my little heart out and continued to steadily fill orders until March. It was glorious!

After that, I took some time getting ready for my trip with my mom to Holland and France. Then I had a big dance show to prepare for and then I worked on some other projects - a sweater for my mom, some socks etc.

But now I must think about Christmas items. Since it is only 6 months away and I my selling cut of is around the beginning of December, so there is time to ship it. I would dearly love to bake in the sun all day but apparently there's this thing called skin cancer that scares the bejesus out of me. So I can only sit in the hot hot heat for a while and then I must sit in the shade. There you will find me knitting or crocheting.

I have some ideas I need to get working on - and fast. The last couple of ideas I had were scooped by others or something in the news happened that changed how people would receive the item - I shouldn't procrastinate. Creatives - do you have ideas like that? Some are time sensitive aren't they?

Well, enough typing I guess I'm better pick up some yarn and make something.

Don't forget your sunscreen!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Canada Day - or is it?

~~~Happy 148 years Canada ~~~

It is a statutory holiday, meaning most of us full time employees get the day off. Except, because it is on a Wednesday, many companies and/or employees have decided to work today and take Friday off instead.

And I have a wee problem with that.
I don't feel it is very patriotic to change the day to when it suits you.

So I ask  my American Friends - known worldwide for your fierce patriotism - would this happen in the US? I can't think of any of my friends south of the border that would ever do that. The Fourth of July is practically sacred - big annual trips are planned with family and friends. It's not negotiable - or is it?

Am I wrong?

Maybe I am, but I am going to go outside and enjoy the day today. I will work Thursday and Friday while many won't because that is 'their' Canada Day.

Please enlighten me with your thoughts

Sunday, June 28, 2015


It was your average Thursday evening.
2330h - I was already in my pj's and ready for bed when I went to let Eco out for her last pee. I open the door and Eco explodes from the house, I see a skunk. I frantically try to recall Eco but it was too late - I saw it's little butt turn and then a spray, about 6' from her face. My night changed in an instant.

Eco came running back to the house shouldering her face on the grass, her sensitive eyes and nose probably burning. I grab a towel and wrap her up and carry her into the house, telling JP that she was skunked. I can imagine he must have been wondering what was going on. He immediately looks up remedies on the internet and tells me that I shouldn't have brought her in the house - well I wasn't going to use the garden hose on such a sweet dog and didn't feel like getting soaked in my pyjamas late at night, so to me gently washing her in the shower was the only thing to do for her.

I washed her and dried her and put all my clothes and her towels in the laundry. I was going to sleep on the kitchen floor with her, but then realized that by now the skunk smell was throughout the house. Personally I didn't mind it so much, after a few minutes I kind of got used to  - what the commercials call "nose blind".

Two days later, during my early morning walk I smelled the skunk smell on the street.  I later heard that our sweet Polish neighbours woke up from the smell and first thought it was some sort of gas leak. Another neighbour's dog also got skunked.

Either we've got a gang of skunk thugs, or one very active little guy who's trigger happy. Panic Attacks in skunks don't bode well for the rest of us.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Blast from the Past

This morning I was up at 4:52 and out the door at 5:15 for my morning walk with Eco. It was the usual day of trucks with guys in safety vests (most likely) on their way to work; a couple of crows and the odd squirrel making a mad dash across the road. The usual early morning happenings.

But then my attention is called to a lady in a bright blue car. I first see her pull up in front of a house and run towards it, then drive off down a side street. Probably just dropping something off, I reason. But then I see her zoom down another road, and another. And I start to wonder what she is doing. Stalking someone? Looking for a lost pet? And then the answer becomes clear - she is delivering newspapers.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Across the pond... and back

Yup, I am one of those people. A blogger who takes off on vacation and then doesn't even write!
And, once I got back from the trip, I had a show to prepare for, so I spent the last two weeks rehearsing

But the big show is done and so here I am, at the beginning of June all ready to return to life and start many new things.

First, since I am sure you're wondering - I went with my mom to Holland and then down to France. We were there for the Dutch Liberation celebration on May 5th. My close friends will recall hearing me say, more than once, that I have never felt more patriotic, more Canadian in Canada as I did during the festivities in Wagenigen !

Here's a photo from the parade: