Saturday, August 16, 2014

Where's summer?

We had the most amazing June and July this year in Vancouver (weather-wise) -which is fabulous because we just had several not so good years. And me, being a summer baby, enjoyed every sunny, hot moment of it. Many others complained about the heat but I was very happy.

But now, we're back to grey skies - some days so dark I have to turn the light on my keyboard or all the lights in the room. It's still August, I want my sun back! Summer's not over!!

Okay, enough of my childlike temper tantrum - the grey skies keep me in the house so I can get house work and some other projects done. Being an adult, there's always work somewhere isn't there? If I could go back and tell something to my 15 year old self - that's what one of the things I'd say, "Don't be in such a hurry to grow up".  Really - work and responsibility are not what I was thinking about. I thought it meant FREEDOM. But that can't be farther from the truth - with a mortgage and other bills, what freedom? LOL. Oh the things that are wasted on our youth!

Saturday, August 09, 2014


Lately I've been having some issues with stress. This is giving me severe neck pain and immense headaches. When I realized that my headache went away on the long weekend but returned when I was back at work, I tried to figure out the cause. I believe it's self inflicted stress related to work so I am trying to find whys to not be stressed.

One of the changes I've made is to put my creative time at the beginning of the day since when it's at the end, it often doesn't get done. I also figured that maybe having something to look forward to in the morning would also help. I started with a Craftster challenge.  This month's theme was "whimsical, nonsense, free range". I played around with some idea, asked Jp for his creative input and came up with this:

I think it meets all three requirements. And I did have fun doing it, and I haven't been feeling as sick as I was before I started this exercise. I am also proud of myself for drawing the images - yes I used the internet for inspiration and I believe that many real artists do  - but there was no tracing or printing, I had to adjust the pieces to fit the theme and drew everything by hand. I think it turned out pretty well.

I am feeling a bit better today  - I have a dull headache but haven't taken anything for it yet. That hasn't happened for a while.

And now I'm looking for the next inspiration, although I do have an alternate to the above I could make so it's a set.

Your comments as always welcome.

Thursday, August 07, 2014


About 2 weeks ago I wasn't paying enough attention when I took a glass out of the cupboard and it hit the counter and shattered. Yes shattered- it looked more like safety glass, thousands of little cubes not big shards like most of the glasses/bottles/jars I've seen break. I had never seen this before.

And not only did it shatter but it seems to have 'exploded' because I found glass about 10' away from the scene. I'd walk into the kitchen and the summer sunlight would catch on a piece for about 2 weeks after. Jp threw the rest of the set away, he felt they were too dangerous to have. I guess hundreds of dishwasher cleanings and daily usage just put too much stress on the glass. Have you ever had a drinking glass shatter into little cubes?

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

A Learning Experience

This weekend the Kid and I were mowing our front yard when the neighbour asked if we could mow hers. She said she'd pay $10, I asked the Kid if he would do it and he agreed. But by the time he had mowed both parts of it she handing him a $20 and didn't want change.

Then she asked if he could take apart an old garden area- remove old landscape ties and loosen and level the dirt so she could replace it with grass. He agreed. She said, "I'll pay you $10, no $15 an hour". Saturday night she told me she'd pay him "$200, $50 every other week until the end of September". I told her I doubted it would be that much.

Sunday morning the Kid was out there sweating in the sun until it got to be 29 degrees C and he had sweated enough so we had him come in  - he worked 4 hours. Multiple we would check on him and give him advice on how to do this or that and to keep an eye on how he was working. We supplied all our own tools and even some paper lawn and garden bags. On Sunday she mentioned something about $60 but I told her to wait as the job wasn't done yet.

By  Monday he finished the job putting in another 3 hours to a total of 7 hours. She paid him $60. The Kid was disappointed (good thing I never got his hopes up thinking he was going to get $200) - because he had done the math and he did expect to get at least $100.

I felt bad since I felt I had a part in his price negotiations and he did a great job. He was polite and responsible and didn't want to quit until he was done. I was proud of him, so we had a family discussion about working for others and quoting prices etc and I gave him $40. Lesson learned all around, I believe. And do you want to know what he plans to do with the money? He wants to be a pilot, this money goes towards a training flight.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

The Lost Keys

It's Joke Time again!


After a meeting several days ago, I couldn't find my keys. I quickly gave myself a personal "TSA Pat Down."

They weren't in my pockets. Suddenly I realized I must have left them in the car. Frantically,I headed for the parking lot. My husband has scolded me many times for leaving my keys in the car's ignition.

He's afraid that the car could be stolen. As I looked around the parking lot, I realized he was right.

The parking lot was empty. I immediately called the police. I gave them my location, confessed that I had left my keys in the car, and that it had been stolen.

Then I made the most difficult call of all to my husband: "I left my keys in the car and it's been stolen."

There was a moment of silence. I thought the call had been disconnected, but then I heard his voice. "Are you kidding me? "he barked, "I dropped you off!"

Now it was my turn to be silent.Embarrassed, I said, "Well, come and get me."

He retorted, "I will, as soon as I convince this cop that I didn't steal your car!"

Friday, August 01, 2014

Something special this month ?

Have you received this message? -

"this year, the month of August will count 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This phenomenon occurs only once every 823 years. Chinese people call it: 'Pocketful of money!' " - but that is not true. It happens every 11 years. You can read more details here.

5 of the same day in one month in 2014

Days that occur 5 times, on these dates:
1 / 8 / 15 / 222 / 9 / 16 / 233 / 10 / 17 / 24
31 day month29th of month30th of month31st of monthComments
January 20145 Wednesdays5 Thursdays5 FridaysSame as October
March 20145 Saturdays5 Sundays5 Mondays
May 20145 Thursdays5 Fridays5 Saturdays
July 20145 Tuesdays5 Wednesdays5 Thursdays
August 20145 Fridays5 Saturdays5 Sundays
October 20145 Wednesdays5 Thursdays5 FridaysSame as January
December 20145 Mondays5 Tuesdays5 Wednesdays
Not occurring in 2014: A month with 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesdays

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Swimmin with Da Fishes

Yesterday my last goldfish died. She was big for an aquarium goldfish - over 6" long. She'd survived a lot - a little Nemo fin and damage to her gill  from what I suspect was a change in our city water supply and for the past 4 year she's had a bubbly growth coming from one gill as well, which I'm sure must have made it really difficult to swim (especially with her little stubby fin). I'd had her for over 9 years.

I know many people will not understand why I would be sad about losing this goldfish, but I am. Nine years is longer than I've been married and longer than I've had Eco. I still catch myself looking in the direction of the tank almost every time I walk into the kitchen. The tank now is gone, no more fish for us.

Goodbye fishy, time to go swimming under Rainbow Bridge. 
Perhaps as a 'reward from the universe' today I was blessed with some happy news concerning another cold blooded creature - a beautiful green garden frog!
 He'd surprised me once or twice when I was leaning down to turn on the tap to water my garden so I went looking on the interwebs to see what I could do for him. Most of the advice was 'build a pond' but I just can't do that right now, so the next piece of advice was to provide some sort of water supply and then wait for a 'built it and they will come' type of moment. And it worked!!
I took a plant saucer and put some it water in it, propped up a ceramic bowl on a rock and looky looky - I have a wonderful visitor! It was hard getting his photo as he scootched to the back of the bowl but you can see he's in there - can't you?  I am thrilled to pieces!! Welcome little frog!

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