Friday, November 21, 2014

Owl and the Gang

Sheesh, another week has gone by. Well I do have a very good reason - I have several knitting orders that I am working on completing. I've done a couple of owl hats, a couple pairs of wrist warmers and some cowl/hoods - two for little kids and two for adults.

here's one set that I just finished for a little girl who turned 9 this past week:

Her mom took her hand measurements in her sleep. She told me her had was 15 cm around (not including the thumb) so as I was knitting at the kitchen table I happened to pick up a bottle of hot sauce and found that it was 15cm around, so I used that to size her fingerless gloves. Purple is her favourite colour and she is thrilled with the set.

The one odd thing was I could not get an accurate read on the colour. I tried three different cameras and different settings and they came out wrong - often blue and not purple at all. The yarn as a deep grape colour but I just couldn't capture it.

Anyway that's what I've been doing. Taking advantage of some orders before sales die down in January.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Still Remembering

November 11th is a statutory holiday which means people like me get the day off. Although I don't join in memorials away from home, I do spend the morning remembering usually based on various programs on TV. On Tuesday evening I watched a really interesting documentary about the Liberation of the Netherlands and Canada's part in it. Some of the stories I had heard from my mom and some of course were new.

It still amazes me that my mom's family didn't loose anyone despite bombs destroying the building next to them and trigger happy Germans who shot at little kids. It also amazes me that even though the country was seriously affected by such a horrific event, my mother and her brother barely missed any school. I believe she said there were only something like 5 days missed. What a testament to the people of Holland as well as my mother's family.

 66 million people died during World War II, that seems so hard to believe yet it did. I wonder if there will ever be a time where there isn't a war. I wish we could follow John Lennon's plea to 'give peace a chance'. Don't you?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Day to Remember

Thank you to all the men, women and service animals who have given their lives for our freedoms, and thank you for all their families as well. But most of all I want to thank the Canadian troops of the Second World War who came marching down the streets in the Netherlands to announce the war was over.  My mother and her family survived and my mother fell in love with Canada (and eventually a fabulous Canadian Prairie boy) I am here because of them!

I will never forget. 

And I thank you.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

The. Nasty B -Word

No, not that one! The other one - BUSY! It seems to be used by almost everyone.

Everyone is talking about being so very busy.
But lately I have been busy -I put in almost 2 hours of overtime every day in October(and at least an hour a day extra this month) plus I have been getting all sorts of orders for my shop, plus dance and householdy things and I feel I am busy and I can legitimately use that word. Do you agree?

Since the beginning of summer, I have been battling headaches and neck pain. By the end of August the pain still hadn't gone away on its own and I was getting concerned with daily headaches and the effects of regular use of Aleve(Naproxin) so I started with massage therapy. The first session took away at least 40% of the muscle tightness over my shoulder blades and trapezius muscles. I went to several sessions to bring some relief. I. The mean time I. Had an x-Ray done of my neck which showed how tight my muscles were -along with some arthritis in my neck. My doctor suggested I try acupuncture. I went to three sessions and after my last session, she told me to wait 2weeks before my next appointment, which would be this upcoming week. I the mean time. I have been working hard on stretching my neck with yoga poses and stretches to counter the position of sitting looking at a computer screen all day. I think I am gaining on the pain. It has been 4 days since my last pain relief pill, although I must confess I really wanted one this afternoon!

I am seeing progress with me health and that is making me feel less anxious about all the work I have been doing. How's things for you?

Monday, November 03, 2014

Halloween is laid to rest for another year

Halloween went off without a hitch this year - we had about 44 kids come to the door. And despite all the jokes about vast amounts of "Elsa's" coming to the door, I think I only had two Elsa's and two "Brave" and other than a puppy and a couple of Spidermans, the rest were rather nondescript - possibly all zombies?

The biggest thing for me is having a dog who doesn't care at all about fireworks. The number of years my poor sweet Jazzie suffered are enough for a lifetime. Thank you Eco, I love that about you!


Many people curse Daylight Savings time because their kids or dogs are up too early - not in this house. Do you know who's having trouble adjusting? Me! Yes that's right. I'm the one still getting up at 5:30 ! LOL. Maybe not tomorrow since I have dance tonight and I usually sleep pretty well after that.

It did take me a bit to figure out why there weren't kids at the door at 5:30 on Halloween like there used to be - because this year Daylight Savings was after Halloween and so it was still light outside!

How was your Halloween weekend? Anything spooky?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Finished Hats - Custom Work

Lately I've been getting some orders for my shop - fall is a great time  to buy. As well I've had some custom orders, here are some samples:

Newfoundland Fisherman's Cap

Ladies Hollywood Turban

Adult sized Owl Hat