Saturday, April 29, 2006

A free Saturday afternoon, what would you do with it? What would you do if it was pouring rain?

It's Kerrisdale Days and JP's work is hosting a part of the street celebration. He even drove a company van in the parade. He had to leave early this morning to help his work set up their displays and was expected to be gone all day. But the weather has turned and it's raining pretty good, so he may be home in the early afternoon.

I didn't mow the lawn yesterday because the forecast had looked good for Saturday, so I procrastinated. Yes, me, I did. Not too often do I delay work - I like to get it over with.... but I did. Now I'll have to wait a couple more days until it stops raining and it' dry enough to mow. JP fixed the wheel on the lawn mower last week after if finally broke off. It was really hard to mow and hold the mower up at the same time to stop the blade from hitting the ground.

I wrote a list and completed all the errands - you know the ones: library, drycleaner, video store, Cobs bread and pet food! All done. Now I have a pile of receipts to go through and figure out the bank balances. But I can sit by the fire, or cuddle up in the bed and do what I please. (Which will probably include a hook or a set of needles.)

Can you say "mundane"?

Okay, off I go to do laundry, and sneak in some crochet flowers (just because) and whatever else I feel like, because I can....

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