Monday, June 12, 2006

Heaven Scent

We had a yucky rainy Saturday, and we lazed around all day - don't really know what we did. JP and I did go underwear shopping for me. And we found some cute orange ones with black and white photos of 60's chicks on them. Cute!

Sunday, we took down some more limbs off the trees and mowed the yards. I started to do some weeding and cleaning up but it got darker and darker and I had to rush to put everything away and get inside before Jazz heard thunder and freaked. I made it inside and gave her 4 pills in time, then put her in the bathroom (her "safe room") but she still heard some noise. She shredded one of her towels in the midst of her panic. It lasted about an hour. I wonder if she knew it was coming because she didn't want to be in the yard in the hours before the storm, which is unusual. I'm going to watch that.

This is one of my favourite roses. It's a small little plant that usually only gives me one flower per year, but the scent is incredible. I think in the fall I'm going to create a rose garden and put them all together. I have them a variety of roses spread around the yard, but they're all sort of doing okay. Maybe together they can get the proper fertilizer and watering. As you can see, someone's been munching on the leaves.

I did get some knitting done, just working on the 'piano' sweater. No other crafts this weekend, but while I was thrifting I bought a bag of felt pieces. It turns out it was full of little baggies of pre-cut pointsettias, camels, polar bears, trees, starts, moose, snowmen, etc. Some sort of Christmas mural, advent calendar? I don't know. I'll have to lay it all out in the fall and see what can be made of it.

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