Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where have I been? Well basically after work, I'm trying to get a project done. I wanted it to get in the mail today, but that's not going to happen. I may get the project done, but by the time I package it up and all, it won't make the post office. The other bad thing is that I've had about a year to make it but I always put all sorts of projects first

Also, it seems that when I just send a parcel to someone it can be there in two days, but when I anxiously await it's arrival for a certain date, it's 4 or 5! I know I shouldn't complain because 5 days for a parcel in another province isn't so bad. But it's when you're waiting for it..

So I'd better hustle to see if I can finish and package and make the PO all in time.

Maxx is doing awesome. He stopped wearing his t-shirt yesterday - mainly because he's stretched it out so much he could walk out of it and it was barely on him half the time anyway - despite the medical tape used to cinch it up.

Photos will come when the package is delivered for an October 4th birthday.

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