Wednesday, November 29, 2006

There is this cute little rancher down the street from me. Through the years I've watched the couple take wonderful care of their home, with their name plate by the front door in script and admired the clean and tidy property. I've seen them both get new Volkswagens; driven by as various parts of the house came out and various parts went in for renovations; seen the beautiful Christams tree though the open curtains. Now I'm not making a point to look or stare, but I would often end up walking my dogs past their house and it since it was so neat and tidy, it was a nice view to look at.

But then one day, one car wasn't there. And then a sign was posted in the front window - according to a neighbour, they were getting divorced and he put the sign up because she was coming into the house and taking stuff. Then the 'for sale' sign went up and within 3 days it was sold. A month later it's empty with a new vehicle in the drive way.

Now instead of feeling happiness and hope for the family, the house seems to represent sadness. What once was, is lost. And how people can come and go, but the house still remains, now representing something different to someone else.

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