Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why? Why? Why?

See this face?

That's a guilty dog, who now feels sorry for what she's done. Sure, at the time, she musta thought it was great fun. What fun for a dog!
Look what my lovely dog Jazz did..... that was a nice lovely ball of soft yellow yarn.
After all I've done for her - why? why? why? Can I ever wind this up? I'm part way through a row and left the room to talk to my brother who just returned from a harrowing trip.
This is how our pets repay us?
But I bet she had 5 minutes of fun unraveling my ball of yarn. A momentary doggie happy moment!

Where is she now. After me saying "bad dog" a couple of times, and her trying to suck up, she's disappeared into her crate until I act happy toward her - or feed her dinner, whichever comes first (well dinner, that's in 1/2 an hour)
EDIT: It took about 2 hours to untangle and rewind. It wasn't that bad, I was just more angry about the time I spent winding, when I could have been knitting.

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