Thursday, January 18, 2007

Like a melting ice cream cake

That's what our weather's like right now - everything is melting and dripping, it's foggy and damp and cold - we're just a big sopping wet ice cream cake, discarded after the party......even the dogs don't spend much time outside now.

I just saw a crocheted dog sweater on Annie's Attic, pattern of the day... I've taken the gauge measurements and have enlarged it to fit my mum's schnauzer (it was for a Jack Russell). The pattern was only in one size - I guess that's what you get for a free pattern. I've been itching to make it, but haven't put my fingers on enough of the same wool and haven't figured out patterns for striping yet.

The lace shawl is looking quite good, progress is slow because I need to count lots and can't be interrupted, but I knew that going in and I think it'll be worth it when I'm finished.

I am working on booking a location for an upcoming business meeting. I stopped by one hotel that was built about 2-3 years ago. The event manager took me to the meeting room. It was a converted guest room with a fireplace and kitchen. She proudly told me it was 600 square feet. It was a very poor excuse for a meeting room - I'm sorry to say. Why would you build a new hotel and then not build any conference/meeting rooms? Why wouldn't you make it look more like a meeting room and less like a guest room without the bed? I mentioned that we were thinking of a group dinner for 20. She took me to the restaurant and showed me a semi-private area with 2 big 1/2 circle booths and 3 smaller booths - not suitable for work. She was very young and didn't even have a business card. Trust me, I'm not snobby. I give people the benefit of the doubt but this was a very poor presentation of business services. This is an example where they'd be better off saying that they just don't do it. Do it well, or not at all.

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