Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello Blog Readers! Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day or Happy Emotional Distortion Day, as the announcer on NPR calls it.

I have to gush for just a minute: JP is a fabulous gift giver! He had a large Valentine's bag full of treats for me. He made me the best cup 'o tea and had bought a bunch of Hot Cross Buns for breakfast, he gave me a g-i-ant Hershey's kiss and an In Style magazine. He gave me some presents which I can't tell you about, but they will be enjoyed frequently! And, of course he wrote me a beautiful and wonderful Valentine's card. He's the best gift giver I ever met. He seems to have a talent for buying me presents I didn't know I wanted!

I wish I could give him presents as great as the ones he gives to me. But today I did luck out - I had ordered a book for him in January but when I checked on it two weeks ago, it hadn't even been shipped! I sent them a notice and they said they would send it soon. Their website said it would arrive February 13th to 20th, so I crossed my fingers that it would make it in time. But it was not here yesterday. A checked the website this morning and the ETA had been changed to February 20th! Not fair! So, I gave him a card with a note to say that another gift was coming - but then it arrived in the mail today after all!

And the same thing happened with a Valentine's card my brother sent. He went through all the trouble of having the card sent to the US so it could be postmarked from "Loving, New Mexico", and even had the cutest Hershey's Kisses stamps. I talked to him this morning and he was disappointed it hadn't arrived yet. But then an hour later when the mail came, it was there! Yay! Two for two with Canada Post!

Here's a tea rose from a potted plant JP gave me earlier in the week, isn't it sweet?

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