Friday, July 20, 2007

Ant Addicts

This is the current status of my hummingbird feeder. No more hummingbirds but I'm feeding all the neighbourhood's red ants. It's like a soup kitchen for them, then just march single file to the bottom and gather some sugar water from the flower decorations and then return. Except, some never return. Some hang on the bottom lined up like a car park. Others either become drunk or sugar junkies or they are greedy but they have made their way inside where they die, clinging together like ant stalagmites. And I am their enabler.
The sad part is that humans can act the same way as ants. Some can handle the "good stuff", take a swig and leave, but many more become hooked and won't leave the source, or worse yet, drown in their paradise.

I'm glad I'm not an ant.


M. Patrizio said...

These ants are teaching a good life lesson! I will try to eat less sugar today.

Endako Jo said...

How tragic that those ants have taken over and driven out the hummingbirds. We seem to have quite a red ant problem here, too, but so far they have not done that to my feeders. There's gotta be a way to keep them out.....but how? I like your comparison of them to people. Ain't it the truth. I've got some sober ants in my life, and some not sober ones. I sure prefer the former.

My Little Corner said...

Joanne, apparently Lee Valley sells a little contraption like an upside down umbrella that will stop the ants from getting to the feeder. It's about $7 and I'll have to order one. In the area of this feeder, is the honeysuckle which has lots of blooms, plus other flowers in the garden. So the hummingbirds still come to my garden, they just don't touch this feeder.
And yes, I agree. The sober ones are better. Hope all is well for you.