Sunday, July 22, 2007

I managed to get a dog walk in yesterday morning before the rain resumed for the day. Sure it's nice that the rain is watering my garden, but I can't even enjoy my garden because it's been raining so many days. Plants need a mix of rain and sun, not excessive amounts of both. I haven't even been out in the garden for about 3 or 4 days, I bet there may even be some raspberries to pick - soggy ones.

So far we've not had a good summer - we either had excessively hot days, days filled with mosquitoes or rainy days; the days that may have been acceptable were ruined by neighbour's horrible choice in music.

Yesterday we watched Lords of War and then did some errands. By the time we got home, I wondered what to do with the rest of my afternoon and then realized it was 5:00! We had had some yummy sandwiches at 3:00 so we weren't hungry. So I put on my iPod to listen to a couple of podcasts and started to knit. Now I'm halfway finished a 'stole' in Bernat Boa

Also, I am ready to mail my package to my swap partner in Belgium, I was just waiting for the weather to improve so I could take good photos. I may have to give up waiting for the weather, although the forecast is teasing me with hope of sunshine by maybe Monday, most likely Tuesday.

I found this little angel during our last thrifting expedition. I liked her because her face, to me, looks a bit angry, and not angelic like most angels are and I thought that was cute. That plus I liked her black hair and short bangs.

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