Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I did it again. I took an orphaned ball of yarn, looked at it and determined what could be made with it, and succeeded. I should have taken a "before" photo of what I started with, but this is what I ended with. Besides a doily what will it be? I have plans for it, but it's part of a surprise for someone, so you'll all have to wait. Crochet seems like the perfect summer craft. I prefer to crochet over knitting whilst sitting in a lawn chair.

Also, in an attempt for some privacy I spent yesterday after work cleaning out the old dog kennel and converted it to a bit of a 'secret garden'. Here's what it looks like now. You can see it's fairly shady at the moment but it will get the afternoon sun. I have some decorating plans which I'll post in the next few days. The bamboo mat was in experiment to block a neighbour's view, I know it doesn't look too good right now.... I'm working on it, any suggestions?

And finally here's a photo of a small garden area that sees the morning sun. I thought it was pretty. It too needs work - aren't all gardens a work in progress?

Foot note:
You know, I had a post yesterday. It's sitting in my post archive as a draft. I was told it was too personal to post. I'm struggling a bit with my environment but I see that others are too. Is it some sort of mid-summer crisis? It feels like many of us are experiencing a bit of a creative quandary. I guess we must stumble first before we can continue on our way. Perhaps an all-consuming project is needed, or some positive event to life our collective spirits.


s t a c i said...

Your doily is so pretty! That's going to be a nice surprise for someone.

I can tell that your "secret garden" is going to look miles away from a dog kennel when you're finished! I can't wait to see it.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks! I think the dogs miss their kennel. They've been in it more than any other place in the yard since I made it accessible again!
And yes, the doily is only a part of what I'm planning, which I'll need to complete in September.