Friday, August 03, 2007

It's a long weekend and it's cloudy. Of course. There is even an article in today's Province about why it always rains on the weekend - and it's been true this year! Yesterday I went and sat in the sun for about an hour - not much heat between 4:00pm and 5:00, but I'll take it!

Since I've complained in the past about neighbours, I'll just mention that all has been quieter for the past few days. YESSSSS! The neighbour with the Jack Russell from Hell had been away for about a week so that was quiet. Martial Arts neighbour with the loud German Death Metal was only noisy yesterday during the day but by the time I came outside no one was out there. Other neighbourhood kids burn themselves out between noon and 2:00 so they are quiet later in the afternoon too. The only one is the guy behind me who has been working on his garage roof for several days. People, it does not take that long to re-shingle a small roof like that! Trust me, I know. I did have to relocate my seating because I hate that he's on his roof staring into my yard when I'm trying to get some rays, but at least he's turned his radio down and I can block the pounding of nails. So, all in all, I'm pretty happy. Now I just wish I had more time to sit out there -but alas, I can't because IT IS RAINING!

Anyway, I've been working on some cross stitch which is fairly complicated which means that it's not much of a start and stop kind of project, but I'm trying to wrap it up. I'm embarrassed to say that it's been in the works for a 'few' years now. I must just hunker down and get 'er finished.

I haven't heard from my swap partner - she's the only one that is MIA, everyone else has received. Of course they were all sending between US addresses. I was swapping with someone in Europe. I don't know what has happened there. I have seen some very nice swaps from my group though. It's amazing how talented some people are.

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