Monday, August 27, 2007

Kerrisdale Days & More Books

Saturday we went to Kerrisdale Days (in Vancouver) but the weather wasn't too nice and things were sort of wrapping up for the day when we got there. We did swing by Oscar's Art Books and found some great books, like this:
and this

We bought 8 books in total, but they're all over the house now, so I won't take all their pictures.
The kid went home yesterday after a week with us. Yesterday was a bit disappointing because we had a great week together but he's had a wiggly tooth that needs to come out because it's rotting and unfortunately there is no way of speeding something like that and there was no way either parent could forcefully remove that thing without losing a finger. What a fuss that kid kicked up. Days earlier acting all mature and everything and then because of one tooth he seemed to regress.

Friday night was a fairly warm and a very clear night so I had my bag of knitting outside and planned for my usual hour and a half of yarn time after dinner. However, the kid wanted to be outside with me so I knew it was pointless to try to knit or crochet when both projects required lots of counting. It was a nice night and we just spent time hanging out. No toys, no entertainment of any kind - just him and me and a few bugs. I did light a candle and then the game of burning small twigs occupied about an hour until someone poked their stick directly into the flame and put it out. I think he was really enjoying being outside after dark, I think he felt really grown-up.

My hat goes off to all those mum's out there who have children and get their knitting or crochet done. Perhaps you've trained your kids to do their own thing when the needles or hooks come out? I have no idea, but I didn't get 1/7 done what I normally do.

Did you hear about the tragic hot air balloon accident this weekend? Here's the story. It had been my childhood dream to ride a hot air balloon and JP was going to do this for my birthday last month. In fact he had called this company to find out the details but he had a bad vibe about it, so we didn't do it. Now I don't know if I ever want to do it either. This is very tragic.

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