Friday, March 06, 2009

Magazine Death Pool

For all my fellow magazineaholics - keep an eye on magazinedeathpool - it's a site that is keeping track of all the magazine closures and predicts which ones are next.

The editor's page of several magazines are also discussing the subject and encouraging us to subscribe instead of buy from the newsstands so more money makes it to the magazine quicker. However, in a couple of situations, by the time we Canadians pay the higher price and add the exchange, it actually costs us more money to subscribe than buy from the newsstands. Are you willing to pay more for your magazine in the hopes of keeping it alive? And that's also a question Kim Werker brought us on her blog, suggesting perhaps that magazines forgo advertising dollars (or greatly limit their reliance) to prevent the magazine from going bust because the market's turning down and advertisers are spending their money elsewhere.

I'm very curious to see how magazines will continue in this uncertain time - will we have less articles or more, less exotic locales for photo shoots, more independent writer/artist features?

And if you are short on cash, and need something to lift up your spirits, will you spend $25+ for a movie or will you spend $7 on a magazine to make you feel better? I hope you pick the magazine.

Please share your comments.

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Big Girl Feet said...

Definitely I will choose the magazine, but yes, it's so much more expensive to subscribe to them, and more often than not they are out on the the actual newsstand before we get our issue in the mail.
It's so sad to see them going under, or having online issues only, I don't even bother with the online ones, I prefer to hold a real one in my hands and have it to refer to at a later date. Sad stuff.