Friday, March 27, 2009

Restaurant Visitation

So the other night we thought we'd give a restaurant we hadn't been to a try(rhymes with 'marlaria'). We were looking forward to the type of cuisine they served and arrived in a positive mood. A little out of the way - okay. Up the stairs - no problem. Survey the room - charming. About 6 or 8 tables with people, not bad for a later mid-week dinner. And so we get seated and are given menus.

Shortly after sitting down, the woman at the table next to us starts to say really loudly "where are our appetizers, services is really sh*tty". She repeats this a couple of times. Jp suggests we move. I suggested we just hang tight - maybe she'll get more drunk and more interesting. I don't know, I could be fun.

And we wait. She repeats this sentence in different variations a couple of more times.

Two guys come in and are seated in the middle of the restaurant. They are given menus. A few minutes later, their drink order is taken and shortly after that their drinks are delivered.

Our drinks (one coke, one tonic - nothing special) still haven't been given to us.

Two other guys arrive and are seated at a table near us. Their drink orders are taken fairly quickly and shortly after that, their drinks are delivered.

The lady at the table next to us finally gets her appetizers.

I can see our drinks on the counter of the bar. I see the waitress put her hands on the glasses, and then release them and walk back into the kitchen.

We wait. Finally the bartender walks our drinks over to us. We really aren't too sure what's going on here, but decide that we're going to leave. We take a few sips from our drinks, leave a fiver on the table and walk out. I wonder if they ever noticed.

Jp says we'll give them one more chance. I think he should call the manager or owner and let them know about this little fiasco before we return.

Would you give this place a second chance? The menu looked really good.


Big Girl Feet said...

I might but I would for sure complain if it happens again. Or call during the day to get the owner or something and tell them...?
(What place is it...?)

Anonymous said...

is it the same place that rhymes with "pavaria"? in "ubbotsford"?

wonder if Jason's curds were Bourne there...

My Little Corner said...

Yes, Anonymous it does rhyme like that.
I really don't think Jason's curds have much to do with it though.

Endako Jo said...

I might give the place another chance. You never know what could have been going on in the back. I once sat in a restaurant being ignored while those around me were served. When I finally piped up they realized that my table got missed when the "sections" were being assigned to servers.
Another thought is, they're not interested in you as a customer unless you're drinking booze. I've had that happen, too.
The strangest scenario we had, though, was we went into a Chinese restaurant near our house in Burnaby. They had none of the things that we asked for from the menu and ended up just having some tea and leaving. They didn't seem to know what to do with us. We deemed that it wasn't a restaurant at all, but a front for something else.