Monday, March 09, 2009

Weird Weather Day

Yesterday when we left home it was 3 degrees and there were snow flurries. Fifteen minutes of driving and it was zero degrees and the snow flakes were big and sticking to the ground. By the time we got to Richmond and wandered around Steveston it was a nice sunny afternoon. We poked around the little shops, bought little novelty items like pencils and little note books and little bags of candies and even had our fish and chips outside ! I couldn't believe that it was warm enough even for me to eat outside! And so many people were out with there dogs! I saw more dogs there than I have at the dog park!

But on the way home the sky looked nasty so we turned on the news/traffic radio station and reports of heavy compact snow was reported in several areas of the Lower Mainland (metro Vancouver area). And reports of accidents all over the place. Busses couldn't get up the hill towards SFU until the sand and plows cleared the road. How odd! An hour earlier we were enjoying lunch outside and now we were passing cars with 2 inches of snow on their roofs! Weather was definitely the only subject all the people on radio were talking about.

We decided to follow the sky and stay as south as we could from those dark, black clouds and made it home okay. What a weird weather day!

This morning it's -3 and tiny snow flakes are blowing and sticking to the ground. (It's only 14 degrees in my office). I am so ready for spring - I've been putting together a mental list of all the plants I want to pick up at the garden centre and I'm just not going to look outside!


Ms.Barbara Jane said...

We woke up to about 4 inches this morning. What the heck??

bodalorna said...

yup, me too! it's now hailing!

Anonymous said...

Overnight we had minus 26 C here and snow Saturday to Sunday. Not much maybe about 7 inches of dry stuff. Today the highest temp was minus 15 but we did get some sun. Isn't this winter ever going to be over????