Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Are you an April Fool?

I never liked practical jokes and so I'm not one for setting up others for April Fools, there are some things I don't mind though. For example, if you log into Craftster today, you will see that everyone's avatar has been changed to 1970's style macrame or crochet images. That's a fun April Fools tradition that I look forward to.

But some of the things that Martha Stewart has posted, just aren't my cup of tea - fake milk, coloured tap water, bouillon cubes in the shower*. Nah. I guess I'm a spoil sport.

Let me know if you've seen a clever April Fools joke, or website (I'm taking a very passive approach aren't I?)

* ok the 'Soup Shower' is actually from Scrubs. But I'm sure it inspired someone to do it today.


Big Girl Feet said...

I'm the same way, but I did try this one on my former boss and he couldn't figure it out for the life of him(not saying much but hey!)
Take a screenshot of the victim's computer desktop, then set it as the desktop wallpaper, and move any desktop files/etc. around(or hide them in another folder) and watch when they click the screenshot files to try to open them- hehe!

My Little Corner said...

Oh that's a good one!

thanks for sharing!

bodalorna said...

also not one for being or making someone else look a fool. i already fell for 2 april fool's jokes on facebook today - very naive:) one said they got a job and were moving to Toronto - I said congrats. i don't get the humour! silly me:)
my word verification is houthri. any definitions?

My Little Corner said...

That's a mean facebook trick.
Houthri - that's an intersting word - sounds like a type of ancient mayan cooking vessel. Yah, let's go with that.