Saturday, April 25, 2009

Backyard Birding

Isn't he sweet? This is a little goldfinch that comes to our feeders and sits in the trees singing sweet little songs. It's like having a little wild canary. We've been getting much pleasure out of our bird feeders and have been enjoying a flock of siskins, plus juncos and some chickadees. The rufous hummingbird swings by a couple times a day. All in all I think we're up to about 14 different kinds of birds, but the gold finch is one of my favourites. Here is a purple finch:
But with the good, comes the bad - we don't particularly like the starlings and jays at our feeders and the squirrels are not welcome but all are persistent. That's why we feed only seeds for the siskins and finches because then the seeds are very small. Squirrels can be outsmarted but they have a lot more time than I do!


Carol Browne said...

Good idea with the small seeds. We've had a bunch of little birds come to the balcony at work and I was thinking putting a bird feeder out there for them. I'll just get the little seeds because the last thing we need are pigeons, crows and seagulls out there. Ew.

Endako Jo said...

I love all your birdies.