Monday, July 13, 2009

Work, work, work, craft, craft, play

I did things backwards this weekend. Saturday I trimmed and shaped all the shrubs in my front yard, trimmed, mowed, raked,swept and bagged all the plant material. By the time I had mowed the back yard in 28 degrees I was panting and overheated. Then I weeded a bunch of badly neglected sections of my back garden. What a day!

I was looking forward to Sunday when I could sit outside and enjoy the day, except it clouded over and actually felt a bit cold. Funny how 22 degrees can feel cold. So I puttered around doing this and that. By the time it came for me to grill the hamburgers I had to do it in the rain.

I should've relaxed in the sun on Saturday and worked in the cloud on Sunday! Silly me, I always seem to do things backwards.


I finally managed to get back to some crafting and worked on my crocheted cardigan. However, when I took a good look at the front panel I felt the edge was a little too uneven and frogged back 8 inches. At least with crochet it's really easy to pick up and start and start again after ripping back.

Oh and also managed to get a little embroidery project done. It's on a pillow case for Jp. Sorry the photo's so lousy, the background is white but it's a cloudy day and I used a crappy camera because I was impatient:

Eco, the kid and I had a great game of hide-n-seek last night although that little dog is so fast and very good at it. I think she can smell the treat bag I had on me and perhaps we'll have to play in the dark next time to make it harder. It's a very fun game though.

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Carol Browne said...

I love your embroidery work. Very cute!

Hide and seek with a puppy? LOLS!