Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If a man poops in a park, will anyone know?

Remember your first year philosophy classes when your prof asked questions that truly don't have an answer but can spark debate for hours (more if you like to argue with drunks at parties)?

Last week I took Eco to a local park so she could play in the water, however, she was in the middle of cutting 3 adult canine teeth and just wasn't into swimming and retrieving at all. Since we were there anyway, I decided we'd explore a compacted trail which was in between 3' high grasses. Eco loved being out front and was doing a good job checking to see if I was following her. I thought the trail was a short loop back to the main area, but it just seemed to keep going and going and going. And then I saw the head and shoulders of a man up ahead and was happy that maybe I was almost at the end of the trail (water socks are not good for long hikes don't you know). Since the trail wound left and right and up and down at first I didn't think anything of it, but then I saw him stand up and pull up his pants. WHAT? Yup he did. I saw his naked butt and then he zipped up his pants. I saw it really. That was all I neded to see before we turned around to return the way we came.

Yes, folks really. He was maybe 5-10 minutes from a provincial outhouse, but he went poop out there in an open field. So, next time you're walking your dog and you see poop along the trail - don't automatically assume it's from dogs!

As I worked my way back to the parking lot I saw the guy walking towards me, which at least answered one of my questions - that the trail did loop it's way back. He wasn't charmed like most people are by my happy puppy, he just stormed past me stoically. Embarrassed maybe? Or a serial killer? I don't know, but when I looked down at my hand and realized I was carrying two rubber float toys which would make good nunchaku and I could inflict some damage if I had too. I kept looking over my shoulder but he kept walking and luckily, I never saw him again. Really, I think I saw enough of him for one day.

So to answer the question - yes. And if you have to poop in a park, may I suggest you choose your location carefully?


Carol Browne said...

EW! Hahahaha! And EW! And naked stranger bum. EWWWW! EEEK!

Also, what a pig.

I think that covers it all. Glad you and the puppy are okay...maybe a little tramatized, but, okay.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Carol! Do you think you would have been able to quietly turn around and walk away?