Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thrifty Treasures

Yesterday was a fun day of thrifting with Carol, Cynthia and Cynthia's mom. We all picked up a little something from each of the store, but mainly we had fun making fun of some of the things we found. First place - the record collection. Not only were many album covers posters for the awkward family photo website but there were also some very creepy puppets (check out Carol's blog, she's posted a photo of that horrid creature) and some interesting songs devoted to the Lord. The second "department" we had fun in was the craft section. You know I always thought the 70's was full of love and peace, but I think there were just too many people trippin' because some of the crafts are down right scary, and some are plain weird. Take this embroidery pattern book I picked up for example:
- why would I want to embroider "my belly button" (top right) on anything?
- or why would anyone want to walk around with "bumper sticker" (bottom) embroidered on their shirt?
- any I have no idea what that crazy creature is with the word "help". Where would that be used?

I did however, find some cool items in the housewares department, like this cocktail glass from the King of Tiny Bubbles, Mr. Don Ho himself:
complete with portrait:
And this ashtray was fun for Jp and I as we had fun cracking jokes the first time we drove through Vernon together and saw the restaurant "Waddy's" complete with a 20' tall 'Waddy' out front. - and Jp's driven by it about 4 times in the past year and each time he hasn't been able to get a photo of the restaurant. Now we have this ashtray to remember it by!

And finally, I found this sweet little lamb flower vase (the one on the right) to go with the one we already had.


Big Girl Feet said...

It was awesome fun as always! Hey Denise look! Scary doll!!
And hey! I didn't see your Don Ho find- score!!

My Little Corner said...

No more scary dolls for a while.Please!
Don Ho was from the last store.

And yes, it was a hoot!

Retromodgirl said...

I have that same Don Ho glass!!! I got it at the Route 9W Flea Market in Ravena, NY. Small world!

My Little Corner said...

Retromodgirl - That IS the coolest - the same glass - one in NY and one in Vancouver Canada? I love it!