Thursday, October 01, 2009

Halloween Decorations are up

I decided I'd wait until October 1st to decorate for Halloween. Here are some quick snapshots of some window decorations - nothing fancy but it helps to get in the mood. This window has: a witch that my mum used to hang on the front door in the 70's, a wooden painted pumpkin man (like a snow man), a Frankenstein wind sock, a skull and some ornaments on sticks. On this window, I have a sign that says "Turn back" plus over the Welcome is a new message that says 'go away" and there are several bats in this window - some who fly and some which have glowing red eye. There is a big fat rat on the sill and a large spiderweb on the outside of the window.

Because too many things have been stolen out of my front yard, almost all decorations have to stay in the house - only a few are wired outside. I just finished making this - I spray painted a grapevine wall planter in acid green and glued on some decorations - then added some ugly, knobby plant leaves that will die as time goes on. I may spray paint them black, I'll see how they age first.

And there you have it folks, my low cost, low maintenance Halloween decorations.

Have you done any yet? Let me know, I'd love to see them.

(How do you get photos without the glare? Take them at a different time in the day? I'll try retaking them later. At least you know my windows are clean.)


Anonymous said...

We had a witch just like that, is it that melted crinkle plastic material?

My Little Corner said...

Yes it was! I've never seen any more like it - that's so very interesting!

Carol Browne said...

Welcome back!

Your windows are very clean. And I don't have any up yet. I know! Very unlike me, but we're going to Seattle this year for Halloween/Day of the Dead Celebrations and I don't want to get the neighobourhood kids hopes up. No candy at the Browne's this year. :-(