Monday, October 26, 2009

Shopping Adventure

Saturday, I went with some friends to Richmond. First we drove to a mall where we all met, then we took a train, transferred to another train, and then transferred to another train. The last one was the new Canada Line which took us into Richmond and there we shopped at Aberdeen Mall and Yaohan Centre. At Aberdeen we had lunch and shopped at Daiso, at Yaohan we looked at books and introduced Mike and Cynthia's mom to bubble tea.

I picked up this adorable embroidery book. There were so many other amazing 3-d beading and embroidering books there but the prices were a bit steep for my budget. So I could only get one.

It took longer than it would to drive and it was much more work (walking and standing on trains and all that) and I know that the trains are better for the environment and only cost $2.50 and it was fun to see all the interesting people... but I think I prefer driving. Does that make me a bad person?

It was, however, definitely a fun time - besides being with good people, there was lots of laughter and we lucked out weather wise - it was a beautiful sunny day and it was a pretty decent temperature too.

Sunday was much less eventful - it was laundry, dog walking and some cooking - a yummy crabby egg drop soup!

There was more shopping but it was for Jp's dress shirts and ties. Picking ties scares the life out of me, especially when the shirt is coloured and has a pattern! Then what do you do? Luckily Jp has a great eye for style so we can both pick them out.

Now it's back to work and pouring rain. Some weekends sure go by fast.

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