Thursday, November 19, 2009

If you can't beat 'em...

Every year my SIL is in town for a conference and we meet up for some annual Christmas ornament shopping.
And like the postal service - neither rain, nor sleet could stop us (wind too) - it quite the drive yesterday, but we managed to make made our way through the city for the big shop.
I don't usually buy too much as we only have a wee housie but I couldn't resist splurging on this:
It's not a real chandelier, only a Christmas ornament (about 12" long) , but it's so pretty I had to have it to hang over my desk and pretend I work in a pretty place.
Each year, I'm amazed at all the creative and beautiful ornaments that are out there (and I used to work in that industry). If I had my way, and a big house, I think I'd have at least 7 Christmas trees decorated!