Monday, November 30, 2009

This is the time of year when our (other craft bloggers and I) posts become more wordy because we play Christmas elves and can't show our projects - so I'll try to make it more interesting with photos of other things soon.

Right now - I am knitting - on a Christmas present, which I can't show you.
This weekend - I went to the Whonnock Weavers and Spinners - and bought some Christmas presents. I did buy yarn, but I'm planning to use that as a present, so I can't show you either.

This weekend was the kids 11th birthday - he wanted Denny's Grand Slam Burrito for breakfast, but wouldn't you know it - it's not on the menu anymore. Dad found a reasonable facsimile and happiness was restored. We also went to Fort Langely and picked up some things at the toy store (like cap and a cap bomb) and stopped in at the hat store and the candy store. I could've had photos for that but I forgot.
I made the kid some sugar cookies and some cupcakes for his birthday and he chose the type of icing and he decorated them. WARNING: colour combinations may be harmful to some artist's eyes:
And now here's Eco waving bye -


Big Girl Feet said...

Yay!! I hope you got some great finds at the spinners show! I was there with you in spirit. And happy bday to the kid- I hope you guys had a fun bday weekend!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks. the W & S show was like last year - very good, and things went very fast. I'd like to see what it looks like by the end of the day!
We did have a good birthday weekend, lots of good food!