Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve/Blue Moon

First, to catch up a bit, our Christmas was good. Everyone received lots of presents and we were reminded of how much our friends and families love us. We did some visiting and had some time off of work. It was good.

I haven't been writing lately because I just felt so, what's a good word.. scattered? I felt pulled in multiple directions and didn't seem to get anything done despite all the balls in the air. Today, I'm going to tidy up my office/work room in hopes to have a fresher start for the new year. (I am a 'work from home' employee, so that'll help 2 main aspects in my life).

As you read in my last post, last year seemed odd, for lack of a better word (part of my scattered brain I'm still experiencing). It was my worst year at work in 8 years - they doubled my work load in February and so I felt I never got anything done and felt I was disappointing people left, right and centre. As well, during the first two months of the year I was dealing with Jazz's (my Australian Cattle Dog) cancer and then spent two months missing her. Not just because she was gone, but because I lost 2 dogs in one year - both had been with me for 13 years. I followed that period with adapting to life with a puppy which was wonderful and exhausting all at the same time. Dogs are very important for my mental well-being, they are a very big part of my personality and I had to adapt to all these changes - mainly going from knowing my dogs and my dogs knowing me (routine) to teaching a little ball of energy EVERYTHING! (no routine). Eco is now 10 1/2 months old has come along nicely and things are starting to settle down- no more in house accidents, no more puppy teeth injuries. In fact, earlier this week, Eco learned to retrieve the frisbee and even enjoyed jumping to catch a couple in the air. I know she enjoyed the jump and catch when she ran past me, completing a 'victory lap' before returning it to me for the next throw. What a good girl.

I have good feelings for 2010 and feel many things that hindered me this past year are now behind me. Do I always feel this way around New Year's? Maybe, but that doesn't matter. This year is going to be different. And even ol' Mother Earth is going to experience it differently because we're having a Blue Moon this New Year. I take that as a sign that change is in the air (no pun intended).

Happy New Year
May you all have a safe, healthy,
happy and prosperous year!

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