Sunday, February 21, 2010

Did I break the challenge?

Jp and I took a trip across the US Border to Bellingham, Washington where we wandered around Bellis Fair Mall. I found some cute spring clothes - which I didn't really want to buy as I was trying to 'make do and mend' but these were difficult to resist along with Jp encouraging me to buy them.

And later strolling through another department store, Jp spied the cutest little sewing basket which he said I must have. I resisted. Really I did. But he put it in the cart, and I had no part of it -  so its not going to be counted as part of my Craft Challenge 2010 - especially when it is not craft supplies - it's an organization aid, and scissors are a necessity. Do you think that's bending the rules?

And, these lovely little scissors don't count either!


Big Girl Feet said...

So cute!!! And I say it's fair play, it's not really supplies, and you got them cross-border, my theory is all bets are off when you leave the country!

My Little Corner said...

Yay! thanks for the support!

Endako Jo said...

That's adorable. I'm with Big Girl Feet. Tell the accountant it was a "gift" from JP.