Monday, February 15, 2010

Toymaker FAIL!

I love all the adorable amigurumi that I see - (they're even in music videos now), and I have several pattern books showing me how to make them; however, mine just never seem to turn out nice - or even cute. My crocheting fine, but I seem to get it wrong in the sewing up - things get twisted or lopsided. I am not sure what I'm doing wrong - sometimes I think it's my choice of yarn but then some instructions tell you to use the cheap acrylic, maybe it's the big needle I use, or that I don't have tiny hands, or maybe it's the eyes I'm using.

I pulled the eyes out of these two:The pig looks more like a donkey (or Alf)
The bunny looks just plain weird!

I replaced the button eyes with yarn: I think she's okay, so now I just need to embellish her dress.

But the eyes are still wrong for the bunny:

I couldn't fall asleep last night because I wanted to get up and fix them, so I fixed them as soon I got up this morning, but since the bunny is still wrong, I've decided to put them away for now and come back later. Maybe I'll uncover something better in my craft supply stash that will be exactly what I need.

After my failed attempts, I thought maybe I should try knitting a toy - but he's not so great either. I'm thinking he would probably look better in different yarn:


Endako Jo said...

Hey, Denise. I made a bunch of comments on your other blog "curious me" a couple of days ago, but nothing has shown up there. Did you get them?

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Jo-Ann - I've fixed the comments and replied to your comments plus I sent you an email - thanks for telling me about the sock pattern! Very cool!

Samigurumi said...

I dont think your amigurumi are exactly fail. I mean my first amigurumis were complete abominations. I think its just a case of practicing and perseverence. I like your pig

My Little Corner said...

Thank you samigurumi - I appreciate you kind words