Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh! Possum

The other night I was playing with Eco outside when I heard some rustling in the leaves. I went over to the fence on the corner on the property and lit up the area with my flashlight - there was an opossum walking towards the fence with a big, flat, vertical 'disk' of leaves - either stuck to its butt or around it's tail - so it was making a lot of noise with it. It didn't seem at all bothered by the flash light and continued walking towards the fence to the right of me.

The next night, I was outside around the same time and decided to check the same area behind my fence but this time instead of the opossum, I saw a raccoon! The raccoon decided to turn around and return to where he came from.

The night after that, we were playing in the yard when I heard some twigs crack behind me, in the pergola which is covered in wisteria, grape, and clematis vines  - mainly bare branches at this time. I took my flashlight and lit up the pergola and there on the top rail was the opossum! Same one I've seen before - missing its right fang and has a ripped left ear - it just froze and waited for us to leave. I'm just glad we don't have scary snakes and lizards around these parts!


Big Girl Feet said...

Eep! I hope he's not moving in for the spring!What does Eco think? Lots of good smells!

My Little Corner said...

Actually, he's probably been here for a while, I've seen possums in my yard for several years now

I think there is a lot of activity in my yard at night, with cats and raccoons as well - Eco has a lot of sniffing to do in the morning and seems to be marking her territory.

Carol Browne said...

Really? I didn't even know possums lived in our area. EW. They kind of skeeve me out.