Monday, March 29, 2010

Squiddly Dudley - Completed

Time last week was largely eaten up by the acquisition of a new printer. My old one had been dying for about 2 months "print head failure" "inkjet system failure" blah, blah, blah.

This time I got a 4in1 laser printer (yes, because people still send faxes), but it is B-I-G! I had it all set up on my desk, which felt very overwhelming and intrusive, then Jp came home from a trip, and surveyed my work space and as he was looking around the room, his eyes went to the top of my filing cabinet - ah hah! That's where it should have gone! He didn't even say anything - but as soon as he looked there, the idea came to me. So back to the drawing board - more office space re-arranging, which spilled into my Saturday as well. Although I did get lots of stuff organized and cleared out, I did not get much other stuff done (besides, meals, dog walking [including getting caught in heavy rain and hail] and laundry that is).

I did however, manage to complete this guy (which goes in the charity gift pile):


Big Girl Feet said...

Ooh very nice for your new printer!! You & i did the same thing Saturday- clean the office. It feels so much better after! and cute little crochet Dudley, I love his hat!!

Megan said...

He's perfect! I am just now teaching myself to crochet. With a little luck and practice, I hope to make these cute little crochet creatures some day!

futuregirl said...

Love the little cutie! Great photo, too!