Sunday, April 18, 2010

My weekend inside

Oh yes, I'm still here (sorry for the absence of blog posts)- I had to get some boring stuff over with. Today, I was really hoping it would rain as forecasted because I had to clean my work room up - wouldn't you know it, it's a perfectly gorgeous spring day and I have to be inside at 23 degrees C! I hate being inside on sunny days! Also, I had to put together my income tax so I can drop it off at the accountant tomorrow- yes, I'm one of those jerks that wait until the last minute to file. There's no excuse for it. Poor accountant. The only thing that might make it a little better is that my forms go fairly fast (I'm uncomplicated on paper!) and we still have 2 weeks before the deadline, but yes, I admit, I'm a last minute filer!

On Friday, Eco and I were at the playground, playing on the apparatus and Eco jumped off a platform which is made of metal with pencil eraser sized holes (for drainage I assume). A minute or so later so stepped on my shoe and I saw blood, so we went straight home. It appears that maybe she got two of her toe nails caught in a hole when she jumped down. On Saturday morning, I went to wipe her feet before she came in the house and she let out a very loud yelp! Then I was concerned it was more that just her nails - what if she broke a toe? So I took her to the vet.

The vet checked her out and figured it was just some bruising but it was still a problem in a few days, we'd x-ray it. In the meantime Eco was given some pain relief. Boy is that dog zonked out! It's so strange to see a 1 year old lab sleeping so much. When she's up, she does want to play, but I'm afraid she'll hurt her foot again since the pain killer is in effect.

And now it's 4pm and I think I can finally go outside and read a book or pick up some knitting. My work room's not totally clean - but it's workable until the next raining day - this is Vancouver after all - I don't have to wait too many days for a rainy day! I'll be catching up with y'all soon!

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