Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nothing is something

I got nothing. Yup, I got nothing interesting to say.

This weekend we: bought a new composter, put it together and transferred all the old compost into the new, put out the solar lights in the garden, painted  some garden ornaments, took down last year's 'false bamboo' and other miscellaneous garden activities. I also did some knitting and laundry, took the dog for a couple of walks and cooked a really good brisket.

With the help of Jp, we cleaned out my closet, this time tackling shoes and removing about 40 pair (?). I still have lots left, and now I can get to the ones I wanted to wear. I also got rid of some suits and blazers and other outdated ensembles that I haven't worn for a long time. And, we already dropped it all off at the charity - less chance to change my mind.

Lots of busy work, no time for real crafting and nothing interesting, but hey look at that - I did find something to say. Thanks for reading!

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