Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1-Adam-12 Fence Down

Last week my neighbour decided to take down the fence as a couple posts had rotted. But he took the fence down one day, then didn't come back to it until a whole week later.

Now this is not normally a big deal but Eco had just had foot surgery and was supposed to be kept calm (ya, you try and keep a 16 month old Lab 'calm'!) Every time she had to go out I had to put her on a leash and follow her around the yard. You can imagine that this is not so conducive to bowel movements -you know, could you go if someone was shadowing you all day long?

The problem wasn't just the fence, but the neighbour's dog which Eco LOVES to play with -  just when I'd take a gamble and take her out in the yard without a leash, so would they! And boom, off she went and would split her foot open again.

The good news is it's all over with. The fence is up just in time for Eco's foot to be healed, she's now ready to play with the neighbour's dog...but they can't get to each other now.
(Timing really is everything.)

These are the old 50 pound chunks of concrete Jp helped to dig up and remove:
Oh yes, one more thing - my garden took a shit-kicking at the same time! Wah! Gone are my Chinese Lanterns, Comfrey, Lamb's Ears, etc; I had to fight like heck to protect my 1 rose.(see all the little plant bits laying on the ground in the first picture?)

I'm just glad it's all over now.

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