Sunday, August 01, 2010

In search of the South Beach Breeze

It was my birthday last month and I had a craving for a South Beach Breeze which is a watermelon drink I had tasted previously at Earl's. I'm not really a big fan of the place as it's usually excessively loud and the food is hit-and-miss but I had been thinking for the drink for about a week.

We sat down and asked for the drink and the waitress assured us I could have one, but then returned about 5 minutes later to tell me I couldn't get one. I tried some drinks from their new menu but I felt like Goldilocks, the Passion Blast Caiprinha  was too sour and the  Hawaiian Headlock was too sweet. I gave up on the alcohol drinks and tried a coffee which was completely disgusting and we sent that back. (Really I'm not a picky eater).

The next day Jp set out trying to track down the recipe and the ingredients, returning with some Melon Liqueur, Lemon Vodka, watermelon and Club Soda. We made it at home and it was yummy.
Melon Boy to the rescue! 

Buh-bye Earl's. I won't be visiting you anytime soon.


Big Girl Feet said...

Yum! Your version looks excellent!
I'm not a huge fan of Earls either- the noise is really bad isn't it?!

My Little Corner said...

Thank you, yes it's a very yummy drink.

Nope, Earl's is crazy - a big giant loud room with all hard surfaces so it's very chaotic - not necessarily a pleasant dining experience for me!