Saturday, September 18, 2010

I finally finished something!

Look everyone! I finished another pair of socks!*

These ones are for my mom's birthday! 
Happy Birthday Mom.

* I know there's only a photo of one sock, but I really did make two!


Anonymous said...

The socks are a perfect fit and very comfortable. I said in my blog comment that I was impressed how neat they were knitted. Thanks again. Love them!
love Mom

Endako Jo said...

Hey, Denise. It seems like forever since I've visited your blog. I barely find time to keep my own up-to-date these days. I love your new look, by the way. For some reason I was just thinking about your Millenium Angel and wondered how you ever made out with that. I have one of those type projects of my own that I just never can get to. Right now I'm knitting a very pretty baby blanket for Art's first grandchild, due the end of October. It's almost done, so should be finished in time. I'm very proud of it, so will take lots of pics and post them in a couple of months. I hope all is well with you. Jo

My Little Corner said...

Hi Jo -good to hear from you, how are the piggies? Thanks for the comment on the blog design - I like the calmer peaceful look too.

No I still have to finish that Millennium Angel - I must get it done - you're so right. I stopped when I was dealing with Jazz's cancer and then craft time was stalled for the past year as I dealt with my lab puppy Eco - but I should put that angel back on the list - right after I make some Christmas present (and so it goes)

Oh I can't wait to see the baby blanket, I'll check in with you to see the progress. Congrats on the first grandchild! Very exciting!