Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm getting back into it

Maybe because it's frickin' pouring rain (sorry mom) and maybe because it's almost fall, but I'm slowly getting into the craft thing again. Oh and also because I've been thinking about some things I want to make for Christmas presents (don't worry Jp, I won't make anything for you).

This weekend I started on some socks. First I tried a toe-up pattern on two circular needles after learning Judy's Magic Cast-on  thanks to a video by the charming and wonderful Cat Bordhi. However,  without 2 of the same sized circular needles, it wasn't working so well so I decided I'd better do things correctly, and wait until I get the correct needles. Meanwhile, I frogged what I had done and started a pair of socks from Sock Innovation a book by my favourite sock designer Cookie A. All of Cookie A's sock patterns work for me, she has never let me down - so I'll give it a whirl until I get the correct sized circular needles and can try toe-up socks again.

I'm also thinking about starting a crochet project, some lacy arm warmers to go with the shorter sleeved jackets and coats for this season. I always like crocheting. I just need to wind the yarn into a ball (it's in a hank right now) and then I get get started with some lovely undyed baby alpaca - mmm, soft. And filling up on some inspiration from this site - Nicole Gastonguay.

Work is not going well for me these days. It's very frustrating and exhausting but I kinda need to stay there for a while so I am looking for things that will restore what it takes out of me. If feel so drained by the time my day is done, and if I let myself I'd probably spend all weekend in bed vegging in front of the TV. Maybe forcing myself to work on some crafts will help, along with some deadlines (Christmas shipping!). I'm also taking a course from the community and getting back into yoga again after taking August off. I'd like to find something for Eco and I to do again - some more trick classes or something but so far I haven't found anything that's not too far away - which is frequently a problem living this far out of the city. I think I might have a little chat with my doctor as well - see if there's another reason for my ennui.

If you know of anything that would help me - please leave me a comment (except if it's for Viagra or one of these other spammy messages!)


Big Girl Feet said...

You could join us at our quilt guild meeting- pretty fabrics and fun like-minded sewing peeps always cheer me up!

My Little Corner said...

I know! Your quilts are amazing.
I just might do that