Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Plumbing Snowball

My neighbour was getting a new toilet on Thursday and the city had to come out to locate the water turn off from the house to the street. The water was 'buffeting' out of our kitchen sink and so Jp went to talk to the city water guys. Next thing I know I have a plumber here and he's checking our water pressure and then we need a new regulator, oh and we really should have a new faucet. And hey, while you're here can you fix the garden hose spigot and oh dang there's a crack in the pea trap under the sink .... and well 6 hours later, all our plumbing is up to date.

I sure hope my neighbour isn't going to do any more renovations soon - I can't afford it**

**I just heard they're  getting a new front door, aiyee!

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