Friday, October 08, 2010

It's All in the Timing

Sometimes the timing of an event can completely change how we feel about. Here is a story of completely perfect timing:

In July, Jp and I were at an Art in the Park event and he found a beautiful beaded hematite ID badge holder. We were told that it complied to the WCB rules that the badge holder had to be a 'breakaway' style as it was used for hospital/health care workers who risked getting their badges caught or pulled by patients. Jp suggested this would be a terrific gift for my SIL who is a doctor. So I held on to this present until her birthday at the beginning of October.

I had the present all wrapped up and ready to be mailed in September but decided not to send it too early. Then unfortunately I waited a big too long and the present was late. And then the post office delivered it one day later than they should have, and then due to her busy schedule, my sister-in-law didn't get to open it until Wednesday.

But what's most coincidental is that her hospital has had a badge/ID requirement since the summer but decided on WEDNESDAY to enforce this requirement. She came home that day with a new badge that she was required to wear everywhere in and around the hospital, and then opened her birthday parcel and found the beaded badge holder. Exactly perfect timing!

Many things had to come in to play for this one to work just so very perfectly and I think this is all so  very interesting. Don't you?


Big Girl Feet said...

That worked our perfectly!! Yay!

Carol Browne said...

I love serendipity. It makes me feel hopeful and that something "out there" cares about us.