Friday, November 26, 2010

Gratitude continued

Thankfully, we made it home last night. Our plane was only delayed about an hour and a half. This is actually very lucky as there were many passengers who had been sitting around the airport for about 11 hours waiting for flights and many flights had been cancelled. I saw people being sent home and asked to return the next day.

When we arrived in Vancouver it was +3 degrees and so the roads were only wet and not icy at all. We had a safe drive home. I am very grateful.

On the plane I talked with a lady who had been one of the people waiting 11 hours. She was in pretty good spirits. In fact, most of the people I saw where handling it quite well, I don't know if that's because most people are used to snow delays up there, or that Canadians handle these things better, or that the Westjet staff did such a good job at keeping everyone calm and cool. As usual, the Air Canada passengers didn't seem to be fairing as well.

Because of the long delay and the late hour that we were arriving, the lady beside me was going to have to cab it to her sister's house as they could no longer pick her up. So we gave her a ride home, it was on our way as it happened. She was thrilled.

So we arrived safely to our cold, cold house. But luckily all was fine (I was so afraid that a water pipe would have broken while we were gone).

This morning I picked up Eco who had been staying at the Vet's office during the day, and was taken to the vet's home each night. We received regular email updates while we was gone and Eco was very happy to see us. She was perfectly fine (because last time she came back sick, sick, sick)

And so, now life returns as before, but I am very grateful for the quick little get away and that everything went so well.


Big Girl Feet said...

Welcome home!
ps where did you go? I hope it was fun!

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