Saturday, December 04, 2010


Yesterday I went for an allergy test. I my opinion the event  was very unpleasant -  the doctor grilled me with questions and would be 'displeased' when I didn't answer clearly or decisively enough. Then I was moved into a room where  I got stabbed 30 times with the allergens. Both the doctor and the nurse had NO sense of humour and the whole thing took about 3 hours. At the end I was told 3 things I was allergic to and was told I'd need to return for some more tests and THEN he could give me his recommendations and advise. (Did I mention I have to drive 1.5 hours to get there?)

To top it off it was mid-day and I was hungry. I was miserable and felt it was a very bad experience. Jp says it wasn't that bad, and perhaps he's right, but in my opinion - it was not fun at all. Each time I was stabbed with the allergen it seemed to hurt even more. While I lay in the room I tried to focus on my breathing and think happy thoughts.

And truthfully, if Jp wasn't there, I probably would have walked out. Srsly.

Yes, I will go to the next appointment, maybe I'll bring my iPod so I can take my mind of things, and hope that the diagnosis/prognosis will all be worth the experience.

It's also a reminder to stay as healthy as I can so I go through these terrible tests as little as possible.


Big Girl Feet said...

Ugh that sounds like a yucky thing to have to do- did he tell you what he thought it was you were allergic to or do you have to wait til the next app't?

My Little Corner said...

He only told me three things: beef, pork and peanuts. He promised he would give his diagnosis/prognosis after the next test.

thanks for asking

Big Girl Feet said...

Ooh interesting! Well I hope it's not too bad for the next one!