Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Invention of New Words

In our house, it's pretty common for Jp(mainly) to come up with new words for things. Here, for example are two of the latest ones:

1) We placed a couple chairs in front of where the kid sleeps to prevent the dog from bugging him while he sleeps. It worked.

And next thing you know - we have a chairicade

2) Jp is having some breakfast, enjoying some of Carol's World Famous Raspberry Jam when some falls on the plate. And then Jp announced, "oh, oh, we need a jambulance"


What word have you created? Or heard?


Big Girl Feet said...

We have "Broff" as in at the end of the day when it's after work comfortable clothes time & you take that dang thing off- ahhh time for broff!

And "Friday Eve" for Thursday or the day before Friday, gotta celebrate Friday's arrival every week!

My Little Corner said...

oh those are great! thanks for sharing!