Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project Completed - Entrelac Scarf

I finished my entrelac scarf this weekend. If you've never done entrelac knitting, it's a very slow process of short rows and increasing or decreasing to knit sideways to get the look of woven knitting. If I had knit this scarf in straight stockinette (basic knitting stitch), it probably would have taken me 1/4 of the the time.

It is 72 inches long done in Noro Kuryeon wool:
(Somebody's not to thrilled to be a model)


Big Girl Feet said...

Wow it's gorgeous!! It looks like watercolour- sooo pretty!!

Eco you're so cute!

My Little Corner said...

Aww thanks, I have to say that I absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

That is the most BEAUTIFUL scarf I have ever seen. Not only are the colours great, but the whole effect of the knitting is fantastic. I love it. What a great knitter you are.

from your Med Hat admirer

My Little Corner said...

Thank you anonymous, I love the scarf too! And even though the progress was slow, I felt the overall effect was well worth it! Now we just need some cold weather so I can wear it!

Carol Browne said...

Beautiful! It turned out beautiful! And Eco's expression cracks me up. Secretly, I think she loves it, too.