Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Today is a beautiful dry, warm spring (okay technically it's still winter for another six weeks but it sure feels like spring) day. It feels good. I'm so glad we had a break from the rain. And the cold. Cold I can handle. Rain I can handle. Cold and rainy makes me just want to crawl in bed or take a hot shower just to get warm and not do much else.

Today, it's a beautiful, dry, warm day. It feels good. I did a little clean up in the garden, and it makes me happy to see the yard looking a little better.

Yesterday was laundry day, and let me go on record saying 'it was a very good laundry day'. I actually looked forward to it. Now you're thinking I'm completely insane but you see, earlier in the week we bought a brand new HE washer and dryer set. This is my first NEW washer and dryer, and it was pleasure to have them work so well, getting things clean and dry in only a few hours. With the old set, it was not 'laundry day' but 'laundry weekend'. It took two days, I had to set timers and plan my loads doing a wash load later at night so I could do a dry load in the morning, waiting for the boys to get up so I didn't wake them up with the washing. With the new set, you can't even tell either of them are running-so quiet! And clothes are dry!

To many people they may be thinking "come on lady, what's the big deal?" but  I'm on the verge of going on stress leave at work so these simple 'victories' mean more to me than most people.  Today I feel happy and good and I am enjoying the day without thinking of  the work week ahead of me. (oops, just did)

How is your weekend?


Big Girl Feet said...

Yippee! Those HE washers & dryers are teh awesome- anything to make it go faster and be over with quicker makes it worth their weight in gold! Good for you guys!!
Enjoy the rest of the day and take care of you! xox

Teena in Toronto said...

We had a grey cold day here ... we went snowshoeing anyway. It was great to be outside!

My Little Corner said...

Hi Teena - good for you for getting outside anyway! That sounds like a great day!

And Cynthia -yup the washer/dryer is awesome, and thanks for your support.