Tuesday, February 01, 2011

This is why I don't like some people

I am embarrassed to live near Whistler, BC where a horrific incident occurred last year - if you haven't heard about the mass cull of over 70 sled dogs, read this . I'm not sure why it's taken so long to come to the public's ears.

I do not believe that this worker (or possibly 'co-owner') did everything possible to adopt these dogs out. I don't believe this was his only option. I know that if I was employed at this place there would be absolutely NO WAY that I could kill these dogs myself, and that I would appeal to the media and the world to help with this situation. Many, many people came forward to help for the Katrina dogs and many people came forward to help with the Michael Vick dogs, I truly believe that killing them all in such a horrific manner was absolutely not the only way.

Shame on them.

Not only has so many lives been lost, but all the good work so many people have done to show the world Whistler BC before and after the Olympics  - all tainted now by a very poor business decision. I really hope this business has its licence revoked and that all involved are NEVER allowed to own ANY animal in their life time. I also hope the law steps forward, lays some charges and that someone does some jail time. And I hope that no one does this again. Right now I'm embarrassed to be fellow British Columbian.

Those poor sweet dogs....


Laoch of Chicago said...

Ugh, how awful!

Well stated.

Big Girl Feet said...

This whole thing makes me just sick. I don't understand why the person in question didn't just say you know what? NO! I will not do that! I quit!
Disgusting. They took the apparent "easy" way out, now we can only hope the law makes their lives extremely hard and painful for the rest of their crappy lives. There's no excuse for what they did. Ugh! Sick.

Fowl Ideas said...

Dogs are predatory...like us.

Teena in Toronto said...

Horrible story, wasn't it?