Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cinnamon Buns

We had no family obligations this past Easter weekend, and Jp wasn't in the mood for any coloured eggs or other baking so I decided to make cinnamon buns - nobody turns down fresh homemade cinnamon buns - do they?

Taking the photograph is the easy part, remembering to take the photo is the hard part - so here you have my finished cinnamon buns, after it has already been served:

And here's how you can 'see' how good they were:


Cynthia F said...

Those look amazing!! YUM!

Carol Browne said...

Yummy! Delicious drippy icing. That's the best on warm cinnamon buns.

I'm starving!!

Teena in Toronto said...


Where's mine???

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Teena - I don't think they travel so well!