Monday, April 18, 2011

My Desk

I don't usually like to post pictures of my desk because it's rather messy and cluttered but I thought I'd share two things with you.

1) This is what sometimes happens under my desk:

Eco hinting that she wants to play with me, by making her presence known. (What a strange way to sit, it looks completely awkward)

2) Jp brings me some "Fat Girl Tea" and a snack plate, all wrapped up in cello like they do at the hotels.

What goes on at your desk? 


Cynthia F said...

Aww Eco! Starr sits like that sometimes, her casual pose- lol!

And yummy snack- lucky you!

My own desk is covered in papers, crafting stuff, books, you name it.

My Little Corner said...

It's a funny way for dogs to sit isn't it?

Cynthia - you're always so neat and tidy, I just can't see you ever having a messy desk!

Zarbar2 said...

What an adorable dog! I've always wanted a Chocolate Lab. My family used to have a German Shepard, and he was the best thing in our lives! He died a few years ago, but he live a long life.

I've been studying for exams, and I've had like 100 apples in four days! lol

My Little Corner said...

OMG Zarbar2 - that's a lot of apples - sounds like you need someone to bring you something else to eat!
And sorry to hear about your dog, it's always a sad passing ;-(

Carol Browne said...

It's a tight little dog house. Eco is adorable. I love a good cheese platter lately - they have them at Starbuck (in a pinch) and I just love them.

I'm starving!