Friday, April 15, 2011

The Second Day is Harder

Earlier this week I was back in Kelowna for another mini vacation. We returned home late Wednesday night but I was up at 6:30am Thursday morning as I'm always anxious to see Eco again  - she stays at our neighbour's house and they are early risers, so as soon as I hear them letting the dogs out, I know I can come over for Eco.

 I did okay yesterday, energy wise, but did end up skipping dance class which now I realize was a mistake.  However, this morning it was hard to get out of bed - and today it's nice and sunny and the birds are singing. But I have sooooo much work to do and it's Friday and ..... it was hard to get up. The second day is always harder, don't you think?

We had a very nice large hotel room, and I thank Jp for arranging that. It's nice having two bathrooms and a living room away from the bedroom. The first night I took a bath in the big tub but had to turn off the jets because you can't hear the TV - I know!

While Jp  was at work, I walked around the waterfront area and did some shopping. I ended up buying these craft books - which I'm not supposed to do but they were both so inspiring and the prices were good, so I couldn't resist:

I was in one store that I absolutely loved everything in it, including the cutest most original leather purses except the shop owner was too busy talking on the phone about her jewelry order and getting higher price points that she completely ignored several customers in the store, so I walked out. I liked the purses but didn't feel like giving that store my business. I guess she just doesn't care.

My upper back is sore. I was hoping to get a break from dog walking and dance to give my shoulders a break, but dragging my suitcase makes it worse. And my abs are sore from a yoga routine I did while I was away - but sore abs are much better to deal with that an aching upper back. Maybe that's just all part of getting older, don'tcha think?

So I'm back in the saddle again, 200+ emails came in  at work while I was gone so I have lots to catch up on,  but so glad it's the weekend. And glad it's sunny, we had some snow yesterday - I didn't like that at all! Soon it's time to start gardening!

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Teena in Toronto said...

I was in Kelowna last month for a few days.

Good for you for walking out of that purse store. Terrible customer service!