Sunday, May 22, 2011

Website review - The Burning House

The Burning House  is a website where people take a photos of the items they'd take with them if their house was burning. I find it quite interesting and thought if it was raining where you are this long weekend, that you'd enjoying looking through it too.

I've long said that the first thing I would do was to make sure my dog was safe. I don't think I could save my fish though. I too would probably grab some things like my computer and harddrive,  jewelry, camera and wallet. It's hard to say what I would think of at that moment.

My father's family lost their home when he was young due to fire and barely anything survived. He always said 'fire is final' and boy does that sure seem to be true. I can't imagine what the poor people of Slave Lake, Alberta are going through - 300 homes plus countless other city buildings. So much of the town burned that many don't even think there is anything to go back to. They don't have a job anymore, and/or  the school burned down so they kids can't even return to school - it's just so hard to believe.

May you never have to loose your home to fire, tsunami, the Rapture.... well I guess if the Rapture happened, you wouldn't be reading this.... so then forget what I said....

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Teena in Toronto said...

What an interesting site!

I'd grab my purse, cat, camera and laptop.