Saturday, June 18, 2011

All Quiet on the Western Front

Today it's pouring rain in Vancouver and it's pretty quiet out here, normalcy is returning.  I am still unpacking from my trip to Whistler earlier in the week. Jp, who travels regularly, was unpacked within an hour of getting home, suitcase put away. Me? Nope, I am still sorting everything out and managed to get the lawn mowed last night before today's rains. Today is laundry day. And thanks to the rain, there will also be 1 full load of towels used to dry off my very absorbant dog.

Eco stayed with the neighbours while we were away, which I'm sure is great fun for her since they have a dog about the same size as her and they enjoy rough-housing on a daily basis. As well, my neighbours allow dogs on their furniture and on their beds, and so Eco quickly adapts by taking over a couch and sprawling out. She is smart enough to not even attempt this behaviour upon her return to our house.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and so The Kid is cooking his dinner - I told him he had to pick the food and I'd buy the ingredients. He chose Fettuccine  Alfredo and cookies, so I'll be 'supervising' him on the cooking and baking.

And that's it for now, a pretty normal rainy weekend. I'll post more about Whistler soon.


Teena in Toronto said...

Isn't Whistler awesome?!

My Little Corner said...

It absolutely is!