Sunday, July 31, 2011


Last week it was my birthday and I gave my husband a list of things I wanted that day, such as pretty cupcakes, really good Mexican Foods, a family dog walk, balloons around the house and for my husband to make me a Denver omelet.

He came through with all of them except the family dog walk and I must say his Denver Omelet was exceptional! I had no idea he was so good at making an omelet.

When I returned from the dog walk we had balloons around the house and after a while the kid wanted to play with them and the dog. The last time we had balloons, Eco was a 1 year old and still very interested in them, but this year, not so much. And by now you've heard that Labs have 'soft mouths' and I can attest this is true in her case as she can hold the balloon without breaking it, in fact her teeth even squeak along the side of the balloon.

All the balloons in the package were plain except for one, it had a swirly pattern:

This balloon reminded me of the time when I was about 4 or 5 and someone at my daycare brought a swirly balloon for their birthday. But back then we didn't have Dollar Stores and balloons weren't cheap. In fact as far as I recall that swirly balloon was coveted by many children as they weren't that easy to come by and more expensive than the plain ones.

I told this story to the kid, but he just couldn't understand how anyone would want a balloon for their birthday. That they would want one, wish for one and long for one.

Oh my how times have changed.

PS - all the other balloons from birthday have since been popped, except this one. I think I'll look at it for a few more days.


Teena in Toronto said...

Happy birthday ... mine was last week too :)

My Little Corner said...

oh wow Teena - happy belated birthday!